OpenGL University Assignment


  • Cubes in a 3D space
  • Texturing
  • Camera movement
  • Object movement
  • 2D text in 3D space
  • Lighting calculations

Description of project

In this project, I first got to grips with 3D programming using the OpenGL API where we utilised a fixed function pipeline "FreeGLUT". I utilised techniques to create a cube from a text file and to then texture it with a BMP file. I entered this project with very minimal 3D programming understanding and happily came out of it with a better understanding of 3D graphics. I would recommend checking out my DirectX work as this shows a heavy improvement in my 3D programming capabilities.

What I learned

I learned a lot more about 3D games programming and how to create a 3D scene. Also loading in multiple features of Game assets through files such as the textures and the object vertices. I learned how to take a difficult project with virtually no grounding and turn it into something worthwhile.